Meet your Chromebook . . .

For Anyone:
    Video: What is a Chromebook?

For Students:

For Teachers:
    Video: A Chrome Superhero
    Video: Chromebooks in the Classroom    

Chromebook Resources:

Cloud Print
  • Check out the Chrome Webstore that contains the applications available for Chromebooks
  • Web App Showcase that features some of the more popular applications
  • Info on Chrome App Packs, bundles of applications based on student grade levels that can be pre-installed on your Chromebooks
    For Further Information
    • On-demand webinars, focused on topics like creating and managing a Chromebook classroom, customizing your experience through apps and extensions, and tips and tricks for using Chromebooks
    • The Chrome Blog where you can keep updated with new features
    Customer Stories
    But you don't have to take our word for it; resources from other educators:
    • A screencast from a teacher on why she likes Chromebooks over iPads
    • A blogpost about an educator's favorite Chromebook Apps
    • A blogpost from an instructional technology coordinator about the invisibility of Chromebooks in the classroom
    • A blogpost on the ease of using Chromebooks over iPads
    Other Links and Resources:

    The Chromebook Classroom, from Flipped Education