Safe Search

Filtering Philosophy Changes in Store for HISD
Past Filtering Philosophy PERCEPTION: Don’t worry, we’ll block it.

New Filtering Philosophy: We will rely on instructional professionals to appropriately guide students to access materials for learning.

Starting 10/1/2012, as a member of the STAFF group,teachers will have unfiltered access to YouTube and the ability to search Google images.  

For example: YouTube videos and Google Images

  • We want our students to be able to create projects and use videos to learn.
  • The restrictive network filter we've had in the past has given us an illusion of safety yet blocked important educational content.
    • Great Wall of China Story
  • The amount of educational content now available through Google Image and Video search makes an overwhelming case for a district to unblock. Kahn Academy is a good example.
  • We are going to use the good content and we are not going to click on the inappropriate content.
    • Max’s story
  • There WILL BE inappropriate content accessible. It's our job as educators to provide supervision and guidance so that content is not accessed at school.
    • Sonny’s teacher story
    • Teachers should know who to report accidents to and understand the difference between an accident (the teacher clicks on the wrong video and shows it on the projector) and an incident that calls for a discipline referral (a student pulls up an objectionable video and shows it to his/her friends).
    • Administrators should decide if and when students’ parents need to be contacted.
    • Always report any questionable incident the SAME DAY to protect yourself!
      1. Fill out this form.
      2. Let an administrator know in person.
      3. Let an administrator know via email.
  • There should be NO unsupervised time or “free time” on computers. A student should never be told to “go play on the Internet.” There should always be an instructional objective and/or parameter. For example, “play on PBS which is linked in the browser” instead of “play online.”
  • Choose and LOCK Safe Search Settings. Watch this video from YouTube or Google Drive.
  • Do not let students use your teacher computer while it is logged into your account.
    • Set a screensaver that requires a password or LOCK your computer.
    • Log off (or switch accounts on) your account and log in with a campus student account to allow a student to use your teacher computer.
  • Preview searches before showing them on the "big screen."
  • Teach students how to search safely
  • Install AdBlock in your Chrome Browser to keep YouTube ads from showing.

    Google Safety